Dr wa Kihaya na Dada wa Petrol Station

*Dr. Rutachunzibwa:* Dada niwekee petrol full tank tafadhali
*Fuel attendant:* Sir, I don't speak swahiri, I only speak English
*Dr. Rutachunzibwa;* Ok! good morning my dear, I currently feel a profound desire to replenish the propelling of my motorized automobile. Therefore I
cordially request you to transfer from your subterranean reservoir a sufficient quantity of the combustible fluid of the highest
octane rating to fill the appropriate receptacle of the said means of perambulation to the brim.
*Fuel attendant:*? Natania tu boss wangu, shikamoo; umesema niweke full tank??
Kakazi nyabaki kalofu obugulu oti bwe endai!
*Fuel attendant:* Sijakuelewa boss, unasemaje??
*Dr. Mwakyusa:* Anasema jaza mpaka juu.

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