Everton Beat Gormahia 2:1 at Tanzania Main Arena


Whyne Rooney play his first match with Everton in Tanzania

Everton on their first pre-season match in East Africa smashed Gormahia of Kenya 2:1 on the match kicked off at the Tanzania main arena “Uwanja wa Taifa’.  Everton was the first team to score a goal with a lovely goal obtained at 15:40 from a stunning distant shot from Wyne Rooney who got a ball 30 yards from the goal. He looked at the Gormahia goalkeeper and found him wrongly positioned out of the line and projected a strong shot over the goal top end making his first goal scoring in the first match with Everton after 13 years away at Man United.

Two minutes later Gormahia through Jackue Tuyisenge’s scored a goal through a brilliant header who scored using Didie Drogba header style.

Nine minutes before regulation time, Dowel of Everton scored a second and winning goal for Everton to make the final score read Gormahia 1:2 Everton.

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