Humorous Message of the Patient and the Food Eating


I had a conversation with one patient who is a friend of mine and here it goes:

Me: How are you my best friend

Patient: I am not completely OK but there are some recovery progress,

The illness made not able to eat well.

In the morning I have just eaten
9 chapati
7 donuts
5 sweet potatoes
7 dishes of cooked rice and only half of a dish of stiff porridge leftovers ,
I do not like coconut I just eaten 4 dishes
I have also been able to drink rice porridge, cereal porridge and wheat porridge
I’ve tried to eat boiled cassava and I succeeded with God’s mercy to eat only 12 pieces
There is leftovers of makande I eaten them to fill the stomach just little bit in my illness situation I cannot eat more I also succeeded to take in 6 breads.

I just came from a doctor and he prescribe me to take vitamin B-complex doze to revive my appetite.

I urge you my lovely friend to pray for me so that my appetite will come back to normal.

The doctor also gave me this recovery dose

To ask all my friends send this message to five friends through a short message (sms) without removing even one point and I will recover.

He also told me to ask all my friends to read this message and to contribute to their feedback on how to recover quickly.

He also told me to ask all my friends to distribute this message without changing one point to their friends and friends of their friends on social networks and their emails.

You as my true friend I ask you to do as the doctor directed so that I will quickly recover.

Thank you for your help
It’s me LPK

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