Jose Mourinho slams Luis Suarez for diving


Luis Suarez for divingChelsea manager Jose Mourinho accused Liverpool’s Luis Suarez of showing his ”wild” side and diving as though he had been ”shot in the back” to try to win a late penalty in Chelsea’s 2-1 win at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

And he claimed there was an anti-Chelsea bias among the former players and managers who are pundits on television.

Mourinho raced down the touchline shouting and pointing at Suarez after the striker went down, claiming Samuel Eto’o had barged him in the back.

Referee Howard Webb did not give a penalty against Eto’o.

”Suarez lost that duel with [Cesar] Azpilicueta, Eto’o comes in and it looks like somebody shot him [Suarez] in the back,” Mourinho said. ”For me that is a clear yellow card [for simulation].”

”I’m always happy when I see Suarez play because I love the player, his quality, commitment, ambition to play. But this country is a special country. I’m not English, not British, but I feel I have also responsibility in defending some values in this football.

”One of the things we have good is, we don’t like simulation. This situation in the box, with Azpilicueta and Eto’o, stop this or give Suarez yellow card. It’s not good for our game.

”Azpilicueta had the ball, he was leaving the box with the ball and now Suarez is doing an acrobatic swimming pool jump to try and get the penalty, because he’s so clever he knows he’s in the penalty area with the Liverpool supporters behind.

”Webb is 10 metres away and the only mistake he made was not giving him a yellow card. I think the player is amazing, amazing. He’s a very nice boy, I know him from his time at Ajax. He does everything to win and Brendan [Rodgers, Liverpool manager] has done a very good job with him because he’s changed, no doubt.

”But when you are losing, the nature comes out of the player. The wild nature, the cultural nature of the player. Culturally, people from that area [of South America], they like it. Not just that area. There’s a corner in Europe, where I belong too, where they like that [diving].”

When it was put to Mourinho that it looked like a penalty on television, he replied: ”There are lots of people on TV, but nobody is a Chelsea man. Jamie Carragher? Liverpool. Alan Hansen? Liverpool. Phil Thompson? Liverpool. Jamie Redknapp? Liverpool. Mark Lawrenson? Liverpool. We don’t have one. When I retire, 75 years old, I go as a pundit to defend Chelsea on television.”

Martin Skrtel put Liverpool ahead in the fourth minute after Chelsea failed to clear Philippe Coutinho’s inswinging free kick, but the home team equalised within 14 minutes thanks to an unstoppable shot from Eden Hazard, and went on to win 2-1 after Eto’o scored in the 34th minute.

Rodgers claimed Eto’o should not even have been on the pitch to challenge Suarez and that he should have been sent off long before his goal for a late tackle on Jordan Henderson that led to Skrtel’s opening goal.

”Let’s talk about the first Eto’o incident, when he should have been sent off,” Rodgers said.

”I know we scored from it, but that was a wild shank where he’s [Eto’o] come down his [Henderson’s] knee and shin and didn’t even get a yellow card.

”The second one, Luis will always provoke a challenge from defenders in the box – that’s why he’s world class. What he wouldn’t expect is it coming from somebody off the ball. He blocks him. That could have been a penalty on another day as obstruction in the area. But he [Mourinho] will defend his players. I will defend mine.”

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